8th grader high school yoga legging


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High quality high school yoga leggings designed for 8th grade (13 year old) to 13th grade (18 year old)


Size information

#01 Leggings#


S: Waist:62cm Hip:80cm Length:88cm


M: Waist:66cm Hip:84cm Length:90cm


L: Waist:72cm Hip:90cm Length:92cm


#02 Pants#


S: Waist:60cm Hip:76cm Length:84cm


M: Waist:64cm Hip:80cm Length:86cm


L: Waist:68cm Hip:85cm Length:88cm


#03 Tights#(This yoga pants has a pleated line in the middle of the buttocks)


S: Waist:56cm Hip:62cm Length:85cm


M: Waist:62cm Hip:66cm Length:86.5cm


L: Waist:68cm Hip:72cm Length:88cm





01 Leggings Black, 01 Leggings Grey, 01 Leggings Maroon, 01 Leggings Pink, 01 Leggings Purple, 01 Leggings Sky Blue, 01Leggings Gray Blue, 02 Pants Dark gray, 02 Pants Dark green, 02 Pants Dark pink, 02 Pants Light blue, 02 Pants Light gray, 02 Pants Navy blue, 02 Pants Rose, 02Pants Purple, 03 Tights Black, 03 Tights Dark pink, 03 Tights Gray, 03 Tights Gray blue, 03 Tights Lake Green, 03 Tights Light grey, 03 Tights Orange, 03 Tights Purple, 03 Tights Yellow, 04 Leggings Black, 04 Leggings Carmine, 04 Leggings Gray, 04 Leggings Green, 04 Leggings Purple, 04 Leggings Yellow


L, M, S

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